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5L Strategies is led by Bill Prehm. Bill has over 36 years of experience in the oil & gas industry. He is a proven leader and motivator with a track record of leading diverse teams to the successful completion of high-profile projects.

Bill has a working knowledge of project management methods, industry codes, best practices and environmental regulations and has been able to successfully complete and contribute to various oil & gas industry projects.

Bill Prehm - Project Manager
Bill Prehm

What We Do

Project Planning

We work by your side to map out cost-effective approaches for infrastructure build-outs for a broad range of industry projects including but not limited to Underground Gas Storage, Gas Processing Plants, Pipelines, Natural Gas Compressor Stations, Pump Stations, Water Systems and Water Treatment Plants.

Due Diligence & Site Inspections

We provide the Client with objective, independent, and impartial information regarding the condition of a site and its components prior to an acquisition.

Pipeline Routing, ROW Acquisition & Permitting

We assist the Client by identifying pipeline alignments that are buildable with minimal environmental impacts. Once identified and approved we assist with the Right of Way acquisition and with obtaining all permits.

Commissioning and Startup Support

We support the Client with the commissioning and startup of pipelines and booster stations in order to guarantee a smooth transition from construction to operations.

Owners Engineer

We act as the Owners eyes and ears in order to protect the Owner's interests during the execution of a project.


Our Process

Listen First

To find the best answer, we need to understand the root and complexity of the problem. We start by listening in order to develop a detailed Scope of Work which outlines the Clients requirements.

Design Smart

Using the Scope of Work we tailor our approach to each situation. We strive to use the Clients requirements and provide the right solutions to fit them.

Anticipate Obstacles

The key is to anticipate what’s coming. With our experience, we work to anticipate obstacles and address them preemptively.

Push Boundaries

We strive to do things better and stretch further to deliver successful projects.

Hold Ourselves Accountable

We are empowered to find the best solutions for our Clients. We do the right things for the right reasons.


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5L Strategies brings an exceptional blend of boots on the ground experience that translates into measurable results with a commitment to building business through “successful” projects and repeat clientele.